In the article we will consider bodyflex set of exercises for weight loss, with which you can easily remove fat deposits on the stomach and sides.

  1. History of appearance
  2. For whom does bodyflex work best?
  3. Contra-indications for occupations
  4. How to do gymnastics correctly?
  5. Complex of exercises
  6. How to accurately track the results

If you want to lose a couple of extra pounds and bring your body to the form, then read the article to the end, and pay attention to the technique of Pilates exercises.

Gymnastics Bodyflex is becoming more popular every day among a huge number of people. What is so good about this technique? A person who regularly conducts such a training, can eat almost anything, as well as avoid all kinds of diets.

To have a beautiful and fit figure, you need to spend for training no more than twenty minutes a day. In this article, this technique will be most clearly and easily understood. Special attention will be paid to the best exercises, and possible contraindications. Read the article about crossfit training for all newcomers to pump powerful muscles.

History of appearance

What is this bodyflex? In fact, it’s not just physical exercise. Similar gymnastics carries in itself both a physical load, and every possible breathing exercises.

This technique first appeared in America. The most surprising thing is that the creator is the most ordinary housewife, who did not have much time to go in for sports.

Bodyflex training
Bodyflex training

A woman named Greer used knowledge from medicine, and based on this she developed a whole complex that helps in a short time to bring the body almost in perfect condition.

Initially, the housewife changed the size of 52 clothes at the fortieth, and this makes it clear that the complex works. The secret of success is that the breathing exercises and physical activities were competently combined. All this allowed not only to get rid of excess fat, but also to tighten sagging skin.

As a result, in 1990, this housewife released her book, in which she thoroughly described how she managed to achieve this success. Since then, this gymnastics has a huge number of followers, and a lot of directions.

For whom does bodyflex work best?

Greer initially tries to convey to people that breathing exercises will suit absolutely every person. Women, men, old people and children can be engaged.

Exercise gymnastics
Exercise gymnastics

The creator of the complex for weight loss is constantly in close contact with doctors who confirm that the technique is absolutely safe. The beauty of bodyflex is that it adapts the sex of any organism. A person can not get out of bed, but do breathing exercises.

What if the person has a cold? Not a problem, because you can practice in the bathroom, which is filled with hot steam. Note that exercises are available for all occasions!

The complex can be used by those people who want to quit smoking, pump their muscles, become cheerful, happy and positive.

Contra-indications for occupations

Of course, there are times when you do not even have to practice breathing exercises.

It is believed that the postponement of training is for pregnant women, as well as people who have recently been doing some kind of surgery.

As for pregnant women, everything is clear here. They should not be engaged in the way the fruity ripens inside the body. If at the initial stages of pregnancy you can do little, then after the third month it is strongly recommended that you stop everything.

People who did the surgery need not be engaged in the way the body is still very weak. Well, because the loads can disperse seams.

Scientists conducted research, and came to the conclusion that people with high blood pressure, with heart failure and with severe eye diseases, also give up training.

How to do gymnastics correctly?

Each exercise must begin with the fact that a person must take a special pose. You need to put your feet to the width of your shoulders, bend your knees slightly, place your body forward, and lean your hands on your feet. The view should be directed in front of you.

The back is absolutely straight for three stages. The stomach needs to be drawn in, and the head should be lowered at this moment. With a retracted abdomen, hold your breath for ten seconds and at this time you should perform a special set of physical exercises.


For the result to be better, the muscles should be squeezed until there is a shiver, and most importantly, do not relax at this time the stomach. If there was a need to breathe out or breathe, you must do it!

The more frequent such an exercise, the greater the volume of the lungs. This will lead to a person being able to hold his breath for a longer time.

After the first training, your head may start to spin, but this is normal, given that too often the breathing was interrupted. Cramps may appear. To be frightened of it too it is not necessary. It’s all because the body is just starting to get used to such loads. If these phenomena do not occur for a long time, then you should definitely contact the doctor.

Complex of exercises

Gymnastics necessarily includes exercise for weight loss. For them it is enough to allocate 20 minutes a day. I’m sure it’s not so much to be healthy. The bottom line is to practice regularly. This is the only way to achieve the desired results.

There are exercises that help remove fat from every part of the body. The advantage of such gymnastics before fitness is that there is no need to work out the entire body. If there are problem zones on the body, then special exercises can remove all the fat from there.

It is very hard to believe, but there are special exercises that you need to do in order to get rid of wrinkles and even the second chin.

Bodyflex exercises for weight loss are very simple, and to do them, you do not need to have some super opportunities. The only thing you need is clothes that will not hold down the movements and comfortable shoes.

To clearly understand what training represents, you can consider exercises for the abdomen and sides.

№1. Abdominal Press. 
Lie down on his back, knees bend and set aside. From this position, straighten your arms and try to lift the torso by 45 degrees.

№2. Scissors. 
Lie on your back and lift both feet 45 degrees. In this position, perform kicking movements that resemble the work of scissors. I’m sure you still did so in physical education at school.

No. 3. Side extension. 
You need to lie on your side and bend your knees. The hand that is on top will stretch to the heel of the upper leg.

These bodyflex exercises for the abdomen and sides need to do five approaches. It is very important to observe proper breathing. The first results will be visible after a few weeks of regular classes. Do not know how often you need to train, then read here.

How to accurately track the results

Many people have such a body that it will be rather difficult to notice the results from the lessons. Moreover, every day we see ourselves and get used to it. To monitor lost kilograms and centimeters, you need to keep a diary.

Bodyflex training
Bodyflex training

In the diary, you must specify the training time, completed exercises, and of course your parameters. Thus, from training to training, it will be possible to track all the processes that occur with the body, and also progress will be immediately visible.

The main thing is not to forget to write down your parameters before the start of regular training. After a month with them you can check and see the difference!

If you follow all the rules and recommendations, then gymnastics bodyflex will give simply amazing results. The main thing – regular classes and good mood!

PS Do not be greedy and share the complex with your friends on social networks, even if they look sportive.