muscle gain testosterone cypionateWe all know what is Testosterone Cypionate. Without this hormone can not manifest male sex characteristics, but in addition testosterone is involved in many processes in the body. Just one of these processes is the formation and development of muscle mass of the human body.

By promoting protein synthesis, Testosterone Cypionate affects muscle gain. If the testosterone level in the body decreases, muscle mass will also decrease. However, our body produces testosterone in not very large quantities (each in different ways), so people who decide to become bodybuilders are looking for ways to increase testosterone levels in the body to accelerate muscle gain.

Testosterone Esters

Testosterone was first synthesized in the 30s, but it itself had a very short duration of action in the body, so the pharmacists continued their research and as a result the first ether of synthesized Testosterone — Propionate was produced. Its action in the body was significantly higher, but still not as long as desired. It was a breakthrough and a victory in the development of sports pharmacology, but the experiments continued. And in the 50s finally scientists brought out two long esters of Testosterone — Cypionate and Enanthate. In principle, these esters are quite similar in duration and structure, but Testosterone Cypionate has one more carbon atom than Enanthate, so it is considered longer in duration.

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Testosterone Cypionate for Muscle Gain

As we said earlier, testosterone esters are designed to increase the amount of the same hormone in the body, thereby contributing to muscle gain. Testosterone Cypionate is no exception. It is used by athletes who are at the stage of muscle gain. Its great advantage is that its injections do not need to be put often, because of its duration of action in the body.

Disadvantages of Using Testosterone Cypionate

At the same time there are disadvantages of using testosterone esters.

The first disadvantage, which is very much not like athletes, is that after taking Testosterone Cypionate is sure to be a rollback effect, in other words, part of the muscle mass that was obtained on the cycle will disappear. This is mainly due to the fact that the substance delays the liquid, and the body has the ability to get rid of it, respectively, the water leaves the muscles and lost some weight.

Another disadvantage is that the use of the ester Testosterone Cypionate entails inhibition of the secretion of its own testosterone, while there is a hormonal failure, which in principle is eliminated competently passed Post Cycle Therapy.


In General, Testosterone Cypionate is an effective drug that can be easily used to muscle gain.