One of the simplest, most common and effective sports equipment for training at home is a gymnastic hula-hoop. To study with him does not require special skills, the load is moderate, and the result, provided that regular training is noticeable. A balanced set of exercises will help you lose weight and tighten the muscles of the problem area.

Exercises with a hula-hoop
Exercises with a hula-hoop

On the part of training with a hoop seem simple and boring. But its rotation requires good coordination of movements, the ability to control its muscles. Only with proper use of hula-hoop exercises will benefit like burbee exercise. Let’s learn how to correctly twist the hoop!

Basic Technology

The first stage is a warm-up. Before training, muscles need to be slightly warmed up. Elementary exercise – the hoop is raised above the head, legs are bred to the width of the shoulders. Make smooth slopes to the right – to the left, forward – backward. The next is to make turns in different directions with holding the hula-hoop in front of you.

Torsion of the hoop is carried out in a tight, but not constraining movement of clothes – a tight T-shirt and leggings. Wide t-shirts and sports pants – not the most suitable clothing. Bracelets and other jewelry is also recommended to be removed. Learn to twist the hoop simply – just follow the detailed instructions.

Instruction on the technique of rotation:

  1. Choose the appropriate sporting projectile. He should reach the waist or at least the middle of the thigh. The increased diameter simplifies the task for beginners – due to the slow rotation there is time to adjust to the rhythm.
  2. Stand in the center of the hoop.
  3. Grab the edges of the hoop, lift it to the waist. Keep your feet shoulder width apart, straighten your back.
  4. Unfold the body, untwist the hoop clockwise. Immediately begin to rotate the waist, supporting the movement of hula-hoop. Try to find the optimal amplitude of motion. Hold the projectile at the waist for as long as possible.

First, the rotation of the hoop may seem complicated. The first few attempts he will slip from the waist, fall to the floor. Gradually you will learn to catch its movement and keep it on the same level.

Exercises with a hula-hoop
Exercises with a hula-hoop

When you can rotate the hoop for 20 minutes without falling, try to complicate your task. To increase the effect of the exercises, speed up the rate of rotation, lower the hula-hoop to the hips, move it up and down.

Some useful tips

The effectiveness of the exercises depends on many factors. First of all, it is the systematic nature of the classes. Only daily training will give the expected result. Some useful tips will be useful to you at the stage of mastering the technique of rotation.

  • At first, bruises from the hoop on the sides can often appear. Before the muscles become accustomed to pressure and stress, the use of a thermopody can be used. As an option, you can wear two tight T-shirts.
  • You can not engage in a full stomach. After the last meal should take about an hour and a half.
  • Exercise starts from three to five minutes. Each time increase their duration, bring it to half an hour. For this time burns up to 300 calories!
  • Watch your posture and body position. Keep your back straight, try not to spread your legs.
  • So that your hands do not interfere with the trajectory of the projectile’s movement, take them away – tie into the lock, raise it upward or stretch it to the sides.
  • Make sure that only the area of ​​the abdomen is movable – the thorax remains stationary. This is the first sign of correct exercise.
  • At first it is easier to spin the hoop clockwise. Gradually, the direction of rotation will need to be changed to achieve the maximum effect.

To quickly master all the subtleties of technology, properly choose the weight of the simulator. Too light a shell will be difficult to hold at the desired level, very heavy in five minutes will begin to deliver unpleasant or even painful sensations. The optimal weight of hula-hoop for beginners is from 1 to 1.5 kg.

The optimal set of exercises

Exercises with hula-hoop should not be monotonous. To achieve a noticeable effect, the maximum possible number of muscles must be made to work. It is recommended to perform a set of exercises.

Exercises for the hip and waist area

The majority gets a hoop for working out the problem zone – reducing the volume, tightening the weakened muscles. Begin with elementary techniques, gradually switch to more complex ones. A full training should include the following exercises.

  1. Basic exercise. Begin the occupation with the most ordinary rotation. When the muscles warm up, they move on to other exercises.
  2. Back and forth. The starting position is straight back, one leg is set forward, knees slightly bent. The trajectory of rotation is at the waist level. To maintain movement, weight is transferred from the back foot to the front and vice versa. The position is changed by exposing the other leg forward.
  3. The legs are wider than the shoulders. The starting position is straight back, legs wider than shoulders. The rotation is supported by the movement of the hips strictly to the sides. The movements are intense – when you rotate, the hoop hits the hip. Look forward, watch the press – keep it a little tense.
  4. Change of direction. Perform five rotations in one direction, stop and change direction. Do a few repetitions. There is an increased load on the muscles, the press is perfectly trained and the entire femoral zone. They try to put their feet as tight as possible.
  5. With squatting. Legs shoulder width apart, back straightened, shoulders straightened. The hoop is unrolled. Without stopping the rotation, they begin to gradually crouch. It is necessary to sit down as low as possible. In this situation, they continue to twist the hula-hoop for a few more minutes. Exercise is not easy, but it helps to speed up the process of losing weight, involves the muscles of the entire lower body.
  6. With offset. Begin to rotate hula-hoop at the waist. Allow him to sink a little lower, to the level of the hips, perform several turns and again lift up. Perform at least 10 repetitions. Change the direction of movement, perform another 10 repetitions. Exercise reduces fat deposits in the abdominal area.
  7. “Arrow”. Another exercise to work out the muscles of the abdomen. Back straight, legs together. They unleash the hula-hoop, raise themselves on their toes. Hands with folded palms maximally lift up. The body resembles an elongated string. It is enough to perform the exercise for about 10 minutes a day.
  8. Rotation with walking. Start the normal rotation. When the hoop is well untwisted, step forward without stopping rotation. Gradually, the number of steps increases. You can walk forward or backward.

Doing these exercises with a hoop every day, in just a few weeks you will notice the first changes – the stomach will be tightened, ugly “ears” from the hips will disappear, flabbiness will disappear.

Additional exercises for other muscle groups

Supplement exercises with exercises to work out the remaining muscle groups, if you do not intend to use other sports equipment.

  • Rotation above the head. Put the hula hoop on the floor, take hold of him with your hand. Raise an elongated arm above your head, hold the hoop parallel to the floor. Scroll once and again take in hand. Repeat several times and change your hand. The second option is that the hoop is rotated on one hand. They thrust the second hand, pressing it close to the first. Rotate without stopping for two to five minutes. Gradually exercise can be complicated. Simultaneously squat, make attacks, try to rest on one leg.
  • Rotation in the hands. Keep the hula hoop in front of you parallel to the floor. Take him clockwise, lead him behind his back, grab the other hand and complete the circle. Exercise repeat several times. After mastering complicate walking, squatting and attacks.
  • Jumping. Here everything is simple – use a hoop instead of a rope. For this exercise you need a hoop of a fairly large diameter.

Do not forget to do the warm-up before you turn the hula-hoop. It is better to conduct any exercises on well warmed up muscles. This will not only facilitate training, but will also increase efficiency.

If you are waiting for an immediate effect, you can be disappointed. As with any other sporting projectile, when working with a hoop, systematicity is important. Daily training for 20-40 minutes in combination with diet will soon give long-awaited results – body shapes will become more fit, will lose weight, the skin will become elastic.