• How to start?
  • Golden Rules of Home Workouts
  • What to drink and eat for weight loss?
  • Exercises for home fitness
  • Abdominal training
  • Leg and buttock training
  • Breast and shoulder training



Thanks to the abundance of information about a healthy lifestyle in the modern Internet space, everyone who wants can, fitness at home if not develop their own, then there is a ready fitness program for weight loss. That to go in for sports at home and lose weight at the same time is quite realistic, we have already been proved by many Hollywood stars and millions of ordinary housewives, turned from plain-looking bbw to beautiful princesses. But even they once did not believe that without the help of professional nutritionists and coaches one can get an ideal figure from scratch. In order to get the desired result at home, you need 3 components:

  • will;
  • vera;
  • training.

It is this foundation that is the key to your dream, because without a proper psychological adjustment, it is almost impossible to lose weight.


home workouts


How to start?

To properly start the path to the ideal body, organize at home a small space for training. For this you will need standard fitness attributes:

  • soft mat;
  • comfortable sports suit;
  • dumbbells;
  • expander.

Any elements can easily be replaced with ordinary household items, for example, instead of a rug, a towel should be placed, instead of dumbbells, take bottles of water. But professional sports equipment will help you create the atmosphere of a real fitness room at home and make the workouts more productive, since they are much more convenient to use.soft mat;

Find suitable space for training space to start fitness classes. It is desirable to observe the process in the mirror, and around there should not be fragile, beating objects that can be accidentally hooked.

Before training, ventilate the room, change clothes and start!

Although the fitness classes will be conducted at home, the rules are quite professional. Remember: you are not just doing, but aiming fitness in the women’s days at weight reduction, so the training should take place with full efficiency and high activity. In the end, you can experience a slight burning sensation in the muscles, which means that you are doing everything right. If sharp, fitness at home sharp pain occurs, immediately stop exercising.

Golden Rules of Home Workouts

Do not feel sorry for yourself, do not try to give yourself indulgence. Set yourself a task: repeat the exercise a certain number of times, and perform it. You do not even suspect that your forces are truly limitless! Lose weight is your main goal, follow it!

Be sure to drink water before, after and during fitness. Do not try to drink a glass for a sitting, just a few sips.


fitness at home


Observe the schedule of training, do about the same time every day. During the process, you can watch your favorite TV series, it’s quite an organizing factor. So the training will pass quickly and unobtrusively.

Intensive training in the gym for weight loss is recommended 3-4 times a week. Since in the home conditions, fitness classes, as a rule, do not give such a load, they can be carried out daily. Of course, these recommendations are very general, because if you conduct training with dumbbells at home for an hour or confidently do several approaches with many repetitions, then such a load can be equated to a professional one.

The whole body needs to be developed, no matter which part you consider the most problematic. Remember, everything in our body is interconnected, fitness at home only an integrated approach will promote harmonious development.

What to drink and eat for weight loss?

The topic of proper nutrition is already pretty fed up. This information is extensively covered in millions of publications and thousands of books. However, it is worth noting that, no matter how actively your trainings were going, you can quickly achieve the result of losing weight only by combining diet and sports. Remember the three components of your success:

  • water;
  • healthy eating;
  • sport.

During an active training, the body accumulates decay products and lactic acid. These toxins cause a feeling of fatigue, provoke pain in the body after training. Correctly and delicately clean the body will use water (at least 1 liter per day) daily.

Culinary preferences are important vegetables, fruits, greens. Completely abandon the semi-finished products, mayonnaise, sweet foods. So you will achieve weight loss, without experiencing any discomfort associated with a feeling of hunger.

Exercises for home fitness

There are a lot of exercises for losing weight, which can be successfully performed at home and achieve excellent results from scratch. Performing a sports complex, you may think that training is too much for you and such loads are unreal for your preparation. Do not panic. Reduce the number of proposed repetitions, but correctly perform all exercises with the same approaches.


exercises for home fitness


Any training you need to start with a full workout. So you not only save yourself from possible injuries and strains, but also strengthen the overall effect of losing weight from training, and also get rid of unpleasant sensations in the muscles.

Abdominal training

Strengthening of the rectus muscle. Lay down on the floor, fix your hands in the lock at the back of your head, then tear off the blades and shoulders from the floor surface smoothly. Make sure that the waist remains tightly pressed to the floor. After 20 slow repetitions, take a 30 second break, then perform 2 more sets with the same interval and the same number of repetitions.

Slant muscle training. The starting position is the same as in the previous exercise. The legs are bent at the knees, you can fix them, then, lifting the upper part of the body, try to pull the elbow as close as possible to the opposite knee. The scheme is as follows: the right arm is the left leg, and vice versa. Take 3 sets on each side for 15-20 repetitions. If your physical fitness at home preparation allows, then breaks between approaches do not have to be.

After training the press, make a stretching. In standing position, stretch your arms high above your head, make several inclines to the sides, forward, back.

Leg and buttock training

Having assumed the position of lying down with bent knees, begin to raise the buttocks, resting their heels on the floor. The shoulders remain in their original position during training, hands are stretched along the body. Each 10 repetition stay at the peak of the voltage for several seconds, strongly compressing the buttocks.

Having completed the next training correctly, you will give a good load to the muscles of the abdomen and hips. Lie on your side and focus on the elbow, the second hand is stretched out in front of you, it will help you maintain balance. Do sweeps with your feet. Perform slow, smooth movements, try to feel the work of each muscle. On each leg, perform at least 3 approaches, the number of repetitions vary depending on the state of health.

Breast and shoulder training

Unfortunately, many girls forget about exercises aimed at maintaining the tone of the upper half of the body. Absolutely in vain, because well-groomed hands and chest are just as important as a strong press and buttocks. To rearrange the back of the hand, which is most often problematic, you need to perform exercises to train the triceps.




At the end of the lying, rest your hands bent on the floor, lift the trunk. Elbows should be firmly pressed to the body, then perform slow push-ups. To achieve the desired effect, it is enough to make 8 repetitions in 3 approaches. If you feel unbearable tension, then in one approach you can include only 4 repetitions.

To keep the breasts elastic and high, each girl needs to regularly perform push-ups. The easiest option: put your hands on the width of the shoulders (or slightly wider), start slowly lowering the trunk to the floor. Keep your back straight, right, so that your chest almost touches the floor at the bottom point. If you do this exercise too hard, you can fitness at home focus on the knees instead of on the toes.

Of course, fitness for weight loss at home will require a lot of discipline and willpower from you. However, after several months of regular exercise combined with proper nutrition, you will be able to evaluate your new body in all its glory. This goal is achievable, you have to start going to her!