Harm and benefits of running in one bottle

  1. “You can die of a heart attack while jogging.”

Indeed, such cases are. But this is not a pattern, but exceptional events.

To protect yourself, firstly, we must know the state of our health. Otherwise, a light run is quite capable of being the last straw before a heart attack.

Secondly, in order to minimize the risk to the heart, and to other internal organs and limbs, it is necessary to warm up before jogging. This is especially true for those who run too sooner or later in the morning and evening, and even at night, when the body is not fully awake or is already halfway to a night’s rest.


benefits of running


A sharp start for a cardiovascular system that does not expect any trickering can be too stressful, especially when several adverse factors are applied. And then unintended consequences can occur.

  1. “Jogging injures the spine and knees . 

Bad consequences are fraught with classes in the following cases:

  • the route runs exclusively on asphalt or concrete paths;
  • the runner, to put it mildly, is not distinguished by the elegance of the figure;
  • shod in sneakers or other shoes unsuitable for running;
  • lands on the heel of a straight leg.

Eliminate the harm of running really:

  • having planned movement on dirt paths, on grass or sand;
  • having bought running shoes with thick soles;
  • when landing on the toe or the middle of the foot, the leg is slightly bent at the knee.

A sufficiently soft earth, shock absorbing sports shoes and the correct technique will prevent hard blows in the joints and their damage.

  1. “The proc from running is so great that you can close your eyes on some little things.”

Life is made up of little things. And the accumulation of unaccounted harmful circumstances ever develops into one big trouble. Hence the following tips.

Athletes should enjoy jogging and not force themselves through the beyond “I can not” overcome the distance. Who needs such training if you think about them with a shudder . In the end, the violence over the body will shake health (if it doesn’t turn it away from classes much earlier).

A newcomer to the race will not forever remain puffing “slug.” After some time, regular races will come and endurance, and speed, and a greater distance. And for the figure, the proc will be noticeable to the naked eye. In the meantime, without forcing yourself, running can be alternated with walking (how to do it, in the article about interval running).

Have you heard that even edible mushrooms grown on the side of the road are poisonous?

Similarly, with the use of training on the streets clogged with transport. Breathing heavily inhaling poisonous exhaust instead of pure air, the harm of running begins to prevail over benefit. Better not to run at all than to mock yourself like that.


benefits of running everyday


There are three ways out:

  • transfer training to the park, or at least to quiet streets;
  • enroll in a gym with treadmills;
  • shift training time to early morning or late evening, when there is little transport.
  1. “Running cannot be replaced with anything, so in the slush and cold it makes no sense to do something else.”

It is not right.

You can run at any time of the year, of course, if it is not raining and the frost does not burst. It is only necessary to equip accordingly.

But if you notice that the lessons have become boring and no longer bring the former pleasure, why not temporarily replace them with other cardio trainings, such as swimming, football, basketball, aerobics, or the same run up the stairs.

The change of emphasis in the load will only be beneficial and beneficial for the body. And to return to the previous training, when again, “call” the jogging trail.

  1. “The benefits of running for men are less than from power sports.”

The statement is false.

To develop a harmonious body, you need to provide him with a diverse load: both strength and cardio.

Now huge bodybuilders are running fast and rolling back flips. And in crossfit, in general, running exercises will be included in the training along with movements with weights.




The same is true for women. Putting jogging on a routine adds “raisins” to fitness and will add to weight loss.


We figured out the speculation and the truth about running. Any kind of physical activity must be approached wisely and having acquired the necessary knowledge. This will help to improve your health, lose weight and be happy with the changes happening to us. And the benefits of jogging or harm will be proportional to perseverance and reasonableness in conducting training.