I’ll start my article with a little news, as I wrote earlier, I bought myself a subscription to the fitness club SportLand and started training, so I decided to publish a number of articles in the near future in which I will tell you about my achievements. And today we will talk about the most important issue in the life of any athlete – this is how often you need to train in the week.

  1. Conditions for the right amount of training
    • Body Types
    • Pursued Goals
    • Day regimen and the possibility of classes
  2. Optimal performance indicators
  3. Conclusion

All people are different, and each in his own way refers to different things, including physical activity. Something like this happens with the organisms of people: some perceive normal physical activity, and someone takes one or two classes a week to feel great.

But still many people are interested in the question: “How many times a week do you have to go in for sports?”. Is there a general formula for all? Or do you have to gain experience yourself and build a system of training? Answers can be found below.

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Conditions for the right amount of training

First, you need to set the following parameters for yourself, which will help to understand approximately how many trainings per week will be enough:

  1. Body type.
  2. Pursued goals (what you want to achieve through employment).
  3. Daily regime.
  4. Possibility of classes.

Secondly, after the criteria were established, you need to go to the training itself, not paying attention to interference.

Body Types

Their only 3 species are ectomorph (lean and tall), mesomorph (athletic) and endomorph (well-fed and possibly low). As a rule, there is no pure physique, but one of the types will be most pronounced. It is for him to determine how many times you can train your body.

Body Types
Body Types

So, the first type of physique will be 2-3 sessions per week, duration not more than 1 hour. The second – 4-5 workouts per week, up to 1.5 hours. Well, the third – 5-6 lessons, each of which lasts up to 2 hours.

But there are also alternative ways to build a schedule.
Ectomorph – 5-6 times a week, but for 30 minutes each lesson.
Endomorph – 2-4 lessons per week, but increased in time to 3 hours each.
The mesomorph usually does not have problems, so you can choose for yourself comfortable days (according to the state of health).

All the above-described ways of solving the scheduling of occupations are due to anatomy – the number of fast and slow (white and red) muscle fibers in the muscles.

Pursued Goals

Starting from your physique, you can establish what you want to achieve. Usually people with a thin or athletic body want to gain weight, and heavy, well-fed – to lose it and “dry out.” But it’s the other way around. The type of physique and goal opens the possibility of choosing a training program, which will determine the required number of sessions.

Day regimen and the possibility of classes

Of course, if all weekdays are loaded with work, and in the evening there are no forces to deal with, then it will be quite natural to take classes on weekends. But if you still have the opportunity to expand your daily business and squeeze in training there – it will be wonderful.

It is worthwhile to build your regime so as not to damage your health (training) and pleasure. In general, the main thing to do, it’s worse when there is a week without a single training.

Optimal performance indicators

As mentioned above, for each type of physique has its own prerequisites for a certain number of workouts per week. So all the same, how many times a week do you have to go in for sports? Alas, it is impossible to answer this question exactly, only approximately.


Do not blindly follow the statistics of bodybuilding. It is also necessary to listen to yourself, to your body, to how it reacts to a small or a large number of trainings. If a lot – to reduce, a little – to increase.

It also depends on your occupation, if it is sedentary, then you can do more, and if active, then reduce the load. In this matter, the training diary that fixes the previous days can help.

Well, if you derive a formula for something common to all body types, you get the following: 3-4 times a week, from 1 to 2 hours each lesson.

But this is so – approximately. Starting from this formula, you can individually build a system of training, plan, add or subtract training days or time.

Also this number of training days can be divided and dealt with every day, but for a little bit (if possible), giving rest to the muscles that worked in previous sessions. For example, usually one day they shake their legs and shoulders. They can be divided into two days: the shoulders – in one, legs, in the other. Similarly, you can do with other training days. Or if you twist the hoop at home for example.


In the case of too frequent classes, it is necessary to let your body recover completely, having ceased exercising for a week or so. After resume classes.

If there is a feeling of fatigue – do not need to chase the statistics, it is better to give yourself another day of rest. So it is impossible to determine exactly how many times a week it is impossible to study.

So, we can conclude that no matter how many times a week you are engaged – it will be correct in any case. Better is less than, in general, nothing. But it is worthwhile to strive for the best, so it is necessary to increase the intensity of training with time or add one or more additional training days.