Do you watch your body? Perhaps you are doing sports, and are looking for ways to strengthen your body. Or are you prone to fatness, and are in search of a method of how to maintain your weight in a normal state? Or, you often get sick, and want to strengthen your immune system to be stronger and healthier? Then my article is for you.

  1. History of fish oil
  2. Benefit and harm
  3. Mode of application
  4. Conclusion

From the article you will learn about what is fish oil, the benefits and harm, how to take this remedy. If you have already heard about this drug, then today all your questions will be undone, and you will find the exact information that interests you.

So, let’s discuss what fish oil is useful, that it is so often recommended. We will find out whether it is really effective for losing weight. Also we will concentrate on why it is the athletes who are so often advised to take this remedy. What is in it so worthwhile.

Moreover, this tool can be used even by children to promote health. How can you take it? Is there any harm from his reception? We will discuss all this now.

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History of fish oil

Even in the Soviet Union, cod liver oil was widely distributed. In all kindergartens and other similar institutions, all children were regularly given this remedy. The reason is that the growing generation must be strong. It was believed that they had to build communism. Maybe one of your relatives remembers that time. The older generation still remembers the opposite taste of this drug.

Fish oil
Fish oil

This substance is a liquid fat content. Its origin is animal. In general, animal fats are known for their density and acid content. But the substance, which is now in question, was the real exception. Its composition is similar to vegetable fats. It has the most unsaturated acids. That’s why he was brought to the list of pharmacy products, for bodybuilding. He is very popular in this field.

Like any fat, our remedy consists of two components, namely: from fatty acids and impurities.

Among the impurities can be vitamins, as well as minerals. They are present in both animal and vegetable fat. Also impurities are all other compounds that dissolve fat.

In our substance there are many such components as Omega three and six. These are very necessary components for the human body. They need a man every day. In addition, we can not produce these acids on our own.

Benefit and harm

Omega three consists of EPA, as well as DHA. These are useful acids. Also in the composition of Omega-3 is linoleic acid. Omega-6 contains also arachidonic acid. They are difficult to pronounce, will you agree? It is not easy to repeat their names. But they are of great importance for the body of every person. It is these acids that are responsible for the state of our functions, such as:

  • the work of the kidneys and the brain;
  • strength of immunity;
  • the condition of the skin, hair and nails;
  • growth of the fetus during pregnancy.

Also, the acids that are found in fish oil help to cope with the state of depression, overexcitation, and psychological stress. They contribute to the recovery of the nervous system.

Fish oil
Fish oil

Apparently, for athletes this substance is irreplaceable. It’s just a godsend. DHA and EPA are needed for the structure of muscles, namely these components are present in fish oil.

In our remedy there are also a lot of vitamins, minerals and microelements, like:

  1. phosphorus;
  2. selenium;
  3. iron;
  4. iodine;
  5. zinc.

So, it is clear that the benefits are enormous in the use of fish oil. Is there any harm from such a substance? It can be bad for a person if the product is not taken by instruction. There are some contraindications, these are:

  • with thyroid disease;
  • intolerance of some components;
  • with a stomach and intestines.

If you do not have such problems, then you decide how much to take the substance. Everyone has his own individual needs. Therefore, look at the reaction of your body, and stick to the dosage from the manufacturer.

Fish oil
Fish oil

Mode of application

The sale of fish oil for simple prevention stopped in 1970. This was due to the fact that the technology of production began to represent the draining of fat from such fish waste.

Most of these toxins accumulate in these wastes. Therefore, it is not recommended to buy a product from the liver. Since the ecology has worsened even more, harmful substances, as well as heavy metals, accumulate in the liver of the fish. It is best to lose weight, or strengthen the immunity of using fat from fish meat. It is best if the meat is not one, but different varieties.

Although vitamins are the most in the liver, it is better not to buy such fat. It is better to buy a product from meat, so that it has less and bad impurities. Minerals with vitamins can be obtained by consuming fruits or vegetables. And there are a lot of them. So it’s not a problem to eat one apple a day, right? I think you will agree with me. It is also recommended to purchase refined fat. This will protect you from the presence of harmful impurities.

Look at the amount of EPA and DHA in the product. The more of them, the better. A substance from expensive fish breeds costs not cheap, but it is more useful. In capsules, the product is better stored. Yes, and it’s easier to consume. You do not want to feel the unpleasant taste of fat? You can check the quality if you cut the capsule. Try the contents to the taste. A quality substance will not be bitter.


Now you know what fish oil is, the benefits and harm, how to take this substance. I really hope that this information was useful for you. Let it help you to strengthen, lose weight, or achieve success in sports. We see that the benefits of the product are enormous, and harm can be in exceptional cases. Now you can determine the quality goods. Be healthy, beautiful, and cheerful!

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