Recently encountered an unusual problem: suggested that one of his acquaintances go to the pool and received an unexpected refusal. At first I thought that my company did not like it, but it was not me. The friend was firmly convinced that from visiting the pool there is no use, and swimming is even harmful. Was sincerely surprised and decided to find out what is the use of swimming in the pool for women?

  • Swimming helps to become beautiful!
  • Benefits for the nervous system
  • Swimming improves immunity
  • Benefits for the musculoskeletal system
  • Source of good mood

Swimming helps to become beautiful!

The desire to be beautiful is for all women – everyone would like to have a good physical shape, be slim, get rid of hated cellulite, tighten the muscles. To achieve the desired result, regular visits to the sports hall, diet and other debilitating efforts are required. And this is not always enough time and effort.

But swimming in the pool allows you to get the desired appearance in less time. It is enough just two or three times a week to attend classes, in order to see the obvious results in a month:

  • weight loss;
  • decrease in body volume;
  • taut muscles;
  • smooth skin of the body;
  • getting rid of cellulite;
  • the tonus state of the whole organism.

As a physical load, swimming, in comparison with other exercises, burns significantly more calories than running or exercising on simulators. Almost all the muscles participate in the process, so the effect is not on individual groups, but on the whole organism.

Swimming improves metabolism. Assimilation of nutrients helps to rejuvenate the body, which will have a positive effect on the skin condition, and on the normalization of weight.

It should be combined in the gym and swimming pool, but if the lack of time makes you choose – give preference to swimming.

swimming for women
Swimming for women

Benefits for the nervous system

Stress and congestion are constantly haunting us. Unrest, lack of sleep, an unregulated work schedule and personal aspirations to catch everything and everywhere lead to the fact that the nervous system is exhausted, you begin to feel constant irritation and fatigue. So you want to relax somewhere on the sea, but not always the desire coincides with the possibilities.

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In this case, swimming in the pool will be extremely useful. The effect of water on the body helps relieve muscle tension, reduce blood pressure, relieve headaches. During swimming, the lungs are very well developed, allowing the entire body to saturate with oxygen, which leads to an improvement in blood flow, strengthens the walls of the vessels.

Physical exercise while swimming in the pool allows the body to relax, and pleasant fatigue after training will allow you to quickly and tightly fall asleep. Literally in a few weeks you will feel that you can wake up in the morning easily, react more calmly to different situations that used to cause you a state of stress or depression, and also note that you can better concentrate on important things and do not forget anything.

Swimming improves immunity

Very often women do not go to the pool, because they believe that they constantly catch cold, endlessly become infected with viral diseases, and swimming will only exacerbate their serious condition.

Of course, at the moment when you are really sick, you do not need to visit the pool. The weakened organism must rest for a while, gain strength. But after recovery, it is necessary to think about regular exercises in the pool, because swimming not only strengthens muscles, but stimulates breathing and circulation, which leads to normalization of metabolic processes and enables the body to independently resist viruses and infections.

If the pool has a sauna or steam room, be sure to visit it. The temperature drop will promote hardening, and then no cold, rains and winds will cause illness for you.

Swimming for women
Swimming for women

Benefits for the musculoskeletal system

Sedentary work, the desire to travel more than to pass do not allow our musculoskeletal system to function fully. We constantly feel then the pain in the back, the ache in the joints, and sometimes we suffer from the curvature of the spine, the clamped nerve endings.

The cause of these ailments is in our way of life. Even if we are engaged in a gym or regularly jogging, we can not always have the right effect on the musculoskeletal system.

But swimming allows you to distribute the load in such a way that virtually all muscle groups are involved. Symmetrical movements in the water help stretch joints, make them elastic, remove accumulated salts from the body. Regular exercises will be a good prevention of curvature of the spine, as well as help restore the mobility of bone joints.

Classes in the pool contribute to the formation of good posture, relieve pain in the lumbar region, make it more mobile. A strengthening of the muscles prevents dislocations and sprains.

The horizontal position of the swimmer in the water makes it possible to transfer the center of gravity, which contributes to the blood supply to the body and saturation with useful substances.

Swimming for women
Swimming for women

Source of good mood

Sports activities always have a good effect on a person’s psychological state. And how nice it will be for a woman to understand that training in the pool has made her more beautiful, slimmer, full of energy, that the old ailments have receded, and enough strength not only for work, but for something else.

Realizing all this, you involuntarily catch yourself thinking that the whole world is changing, and there is no reason to be sad, but you want to live, enjoying every day and sharing a good mood with everyone around.

By the way, you know what ended the story with my friend, who once refused my invitation to go to the pool? I told her about the benefits of everything that you have now learned on my site you, and for two weeks now we regularly swim with her. Now she also admits that my proposal has benefited her.