In this article we will consider the answer to the question: “Pulling on the bar, which muscles are rocking?”. Who among you would not want to have a good figure, good health, a cheerful and fit look at any time of the day? And to achieve this goal is quite possible! No, no, you do not have to spend time and money to visit gyms or fitness centers.


  1. How to pump the muscles of the hands?
  2. Back muscles training
    • Thoracic muscles
    • Abdominal muscles
  3. Common benefits of pull-ups

Pulling on the bar is one of the most effective exercises. It is also gratifying that for these classes it will not be necessary to stock up with any sports equipment and acquire special physical training.

Training on the bar
Training on the bar

Now let’s talk about the benefits. In short, workouts on the bar contribute to an increase in the tone of the muscles of the hands, back, chest and shoulders. Agree, the benefits of exercise – huge! There is practically no cost, except, of course, the time that you will spend training and possibly buying a home bar (with it the rowing training becomes pleasant and effective).

To begin with, let’s talk a little about the movements on the bar, in general. This is a very interesting exercise that a person of any age and sex can perform. Women, men, children, youth, the elderly – all of them can strengthen their health and improve the quality of life, spending very little time with the bar.

Do you want to know the world records for pull-ups ?

Sipping on the horizontal bars is very simple technique. Thanks to this, such exercises can easily be learned even by those who have never before engaged in sports.

How to pump the muscles of the hands?

The main feature of the sessions on the cross bar is that practically all the muscles of the human body will work in the course of these exercises. However, if you want to train a certain muscle group, at first, you will have to decide on the answer to the question: “what is the best way to perform the grasps in your case?”

Training on the bar
Training on the bar

After all, with the help of various exercises you can stress the greatest share of the load on those muscle groups that we are going to rock today.

  • Biceps. For their active pumping, push-ups on the bar should be performed with a back grip with a sufficiently large distance between the hands. In this case, we will train them with you.
  • Muscles forearms. They perfectly train together with the biceps while performing pull-ups with a back grip.
  • Triceps. To train them, you should conduct exercises on a horizontal bar with a narrow grip.
  • Flexors, extensors of forearms. In the area of ​​the elbows and wrists is located a large number of different muscles. They include: flexors and extensors of the fingers, muscles brachicidal (they are used for bending arms in the area of ​​the elbows), pronators (responsible for turning the hands downwards) and insteps (responsible for turning the palms upward). All these muscles will be trained during any push-ups on the crossbar.

Back muscles training

How attractive girls with even posture! How courageous are young people who do not slouch even when doing hard work. That our back was always smooth and beautiful, it also needs to be trained. Can this be helped with a crossbar? Of course!

Back muscles training
Back muscles training

During the tightening on the bar, the following muscles of the back primarily work:

  1. The widest muscles. To quickly pump them with a tourniquet, it is necessary to tackle it with a wide grip.
  2. The rhomboid muscle. She will train during any exercise with a crossbar.
  3. Large rounded muscles. They are located in the armpit. They can be trained if, during pulling, you try to take your shoulders back and pull your body to your elbows.

Thoracic muscles

In the course of lessons on the tournament, our torso rises from time to time to the crossbar. During the execution of this action will be involved and pectoral muscles.

It is known that it is also possible to make the breast beautiful using exercises with bars. However, we will devote one of the following articles to this topic. After all, now we are talking about how great the benefits of exercises with the crossbar.


In order to maximize the muscles of the chest during the exercises on the horizontal bar, you should ensure that:
– The body does not swing;
– All exercises were performed harmoniously, without any jerks.

Abdominal muscles

To this group of muscles it is customary to refer the straight muscles of the press, consisting of 6 squares, as well as oblique and transverse abdominal muscles. All of them are considered the main stabilizers during the performance of any physical exercises, including, and pull-ups.

They help to maintain a smooth posture and a fit look in a standing and sitting position. The muscles of the press will be trained during the performance of any active exercises on the bar.

Common benefits of pull-ups

What movements with the transverse beam we would not have performed, to some extent, all the major large upper parts of the trunk will work to fulfill these force impacts. This is very encouraging for those who have just started to master this sport and are not yet fully versed in different techniques and schemes. You can also turn your attention to the new youth movement crossfit.

In addition, pull-ups can be performed without a teacher and without assistance. You can move on a horizontal bar only with your own weight, but it is better to try to use, in addition, an additional weight load.

In the movements themselves, there are no particularly difficult moments. To start the exercises, it’s enough just to hang on the bar, grabbing it with your thumbs. The hands should be maximally unbent in the area of ​​elbows.

At the beginning of classes, it is better not to be distracted by different grips. After all, any exercise technique will undoubtedly lead to an active growth of muscle mass, an increase in muscle tonus and a significant improvement in well-being. Therefore, in the process of studying with a horizontal bar – the most important thing is to start the lessons as soon as possible and try to do it regularly.